Image & Analisy Tools

– Multiple Tools for Inspection a Image.
– Image analysis by Patterns.
– Pixels count, Blobs, Area, Perimeter,…
– Caliper, Point, Lines & Circles Locate and Measure.
– Characters Verification OCV.
– Color LAB Space treatment. Easy Teach color model.
– High Speed Color LAB  processing. High Speed Color Separation
– Pre-post Image filters, Convolution, Erode & Dilate.
– Operators between Images, AND, OR, XOR, NOT, ADD, SUB…
– Scientific Calculator. Operate your partial results.
– 3D Processing
.- Screen Messages Easy Config.
– Rectangles, Circles, Ring and irregulars areas as possible ROI.
– Tools free for part position references. Every ROI can be referenced to another.
– Multi-Layer Color Selection: Intensity, Red, Blue and Green
– 5 Free Independent Result Outputs for Tool.
– On-Line and Real-Time Adjust and Debug Tools.

verificacion montage electrodomestico

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